Japanese Urban Legends That Will Take Your Night’s Sleep

You’ve probably heard at least one urban myth. Also called urban legends or contemporary legends, these are short stories of fabulous or somewhat sensational character . These legends are widely disseminated generally orally, thus constituting a type of modern folklore. Urban legends are often narrated as events that happened to “a friend” or, in most cases, to “a friend of a friend” or public knowledge. Some of them are extremely old, having undergone minor changes over the years. Others have been translated and incorporated into other cultures . And then there are the recent ones, which were created a short time ago.

With the growth of the internet and the popularization of social networks, urban legends have been widely discussed on the networks. We can find these tales in different languages ​​and from different regions. Some cause a little more fear than others. And talking about urban legends without mentioning Japan is almost impossible. That’s because we know that the country is inhabited by an exotic people, with their very different culture and way of life. Of course, their legends could not help but be extremely fanciful and terrifying , capable of making anyone’s hair stand on end.

Thinking a little better about this, we decided to bring this article to you, dear reader. The newsroom of Unknown Facts searched and listed some Japanese urban legends capable of keeping you awake. Check with us below and be surprised. Take the opportunity to share with your friends now.

Japanese Urban Legends That Will Terrify You

1 – The Snow Woman

According to Japanese folklore, there is a woman who, during the snowfalls in the country, sings in order to seduce men. Like the mermaids in our folklore, she confuses them and makes them get lost in the snow. With that, men end up freezing to death in a hard and very painful way. The Snow Woman is often mentioned in Japanese animes and manga.

2 – Blue Or Red Paper

This legend is well known. She says if you go to a toilet in Japan and it’s out of paper, run! For Aka Manto will ask you if you want a blue or red paper. If you choose red, it will be cut into pieces. If you choose blue, you will be strangled to death. Another version of the legend says that if you choose blue, Aka Manto will strip all the skin off your body. If you choose blue, your blood will slowly drain, until you die.

3 – The Girl In The Bathroom

This is one of the best known urban legends there. He says that Hanako, a young girl, played hide-and-seek with her friends at school. She then hid in the third floor bathroom. She was later found dead. Legend has it that Hanako now haunts the toilets on the third floor of schools. She sucks the children entering the bathroom to the bottom of the toilet. The Japanese say that she only haunts women’s restrooms.

4 – The Little Doll Of Wishes

In Japan, you can find dolls inside an aquarium being sold. They are called wishing dolls. You buy this doll and make her a wish. When the wish is granted, you need to throw it away. It’s not a scary thing, is it? But the Japanese say that this doll has a life of its own. Her hair grows back and she tends to move around inside the aquarium when no one is around.

5 – Teke-Teke

This legend tells that a girl fell on the train’s trills and was cut in half. After that, his ghost began to roam the cities, dragging the severed half of his body. Teke-teke is the sound she makes when she crawls, using her elbows to support herself on the ground. According to legend, the woman walks with a scythe to cut in half anyone who crosses her path. In this way, she feels avenged for all the suffering she went through.